At McKenzie & Talaska, we focus on criminal difficulties and family problems.  We do not do personal injury work, slip and fall, debt collection, medical malpractice or bankruptcies.  Our mission is to provide assistance to individuals, not insurance companies, to help people out of criminal difficulties, and to help solve family problems.  We fight to protect your rights and work hard to secure your freedom.

Our philosophy is that attorneys who provide for “all your legal needs under one roof” do not provide an in depth treatment of any of your legal needs. We are not a “Big Box” law firm. This allows us to focus our technical and professional skills.

We pride ourselves on building solid relationships with clients and take our commitment to confidentiality seriously.  It is our philosophy to represent clients, not judge them.  

Our fees are not designed to be the cheapest or “cut rate” but we do provide value for your investment. We understand that the individual who may need our services may not always have unlimited resources but are up against a foe who may. We earn our fees by providing “cutting edge” research, in-house investigation, a wealth of experience, and a reputation for integrity.