When you feel a legal error or unjust decision was made by the trial judge, a review of your case by an appellate court may be appropriate.  This is frequently called “taking an appeal.”

At McKenzie & Talaska, P.C., we represent clients on appeal in Michigan or Wisconsin within our focus areas of family law and criminal practice.  This can include reviewing your case for appeal, beginning an appeal, or responding to an appeal by the opposing side in your case.

The process and focus of an appeal is very different from the trial court level. At the trial level, your case was likely presented to the trial judge mostly through appearances and evidence presented to the trial judge in court. On appeal, your case will be argued to the appellate court primarily through documents written and submitted to the court, with usually only one possibility for an appearance in front of the panel of appellate judges assigned to your case.

At McKenzie & Talaska, P.C., we will work with you to carefully review all the records and documents created at the trial level in order to personalize your documents and tailor the written briefs to your specific facts in order to highlight the law as it applies to your case.

If you are interested in pursuing an appeal, or have been notified that the opposing side in your case has begun an appeal, it is important to understand that these types of cases maintain very strict timelines. Within the usual framework, filing or responding to an appeal must occur within the allowable time frames to be considered by the appellate court, so early contact with an attorney is critical to success.